vega वेग

Definition: m. [√ vig] shock, jerk (V., C., rare); C.: rush, impact; flood (of water, tears), cur rent; impetus (esp. of missiles), force, velo city, speed; impetuosity, vehemence, haste, sudden impulse; outbreak, outburst (of pas sion etc.), excitement; attack (of disease); circulation, working (of a poison; sts. pl.); impulse: -tara, m. greater swiftness: vegâd vegataram gam, run faster and faster; -tas, ad. with a sudden jerk; speedily, hastily, impetuously; -danda, m. elephant (=ve tanda); -vat, a. impetuous, hasty, swift, energetic, violent (wind); m. Name of a fairy: -î, f. Name of a fairy; -vâhin, a. flowing (river) or flying (arrow) swiftly; -sarî,f. female mule; -½anila, m. violent wind.

Dictionary: Macdonell
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