veda वेद

Definition: language of the Vedic Literature as contrasted with the term लॊकः; cf. नैव लोके न च वेदे अकारो विवृतोस्ति M. Bh. on Mahesvara Sutra; cf. also रक्षार्थं वेदानामध्येयं व्याकरणम् M. Bh.Ahnika 1. The term वैदिक referring to words found in Vedic language is also frequently used in the Mahabhasya. Panini, however, has used the term छन्दस्, मन्त्र and निगम, and not वेद, out of which the first term छन्दस् is often used; cf. बहुलं छन्दसि P. II. 4.39, 76: III, 2.88; V. 2.122; or छन्दसि च P. V. 1.67, V. 4.142, VI. 3.126. VI. l.34, VII. 1.8, etc.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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