vatsala वत्सल

Definition: वत्सल a. [वत्सं लाति ला-क Uṇ.3.74] 1 Child-loving, affectionate towards children or offspring; as वत्सला धेनुः, माता &c. -2 Affectionate towards, fondly loving, devoted to, fond of, kind or compassionate towards; त्वद्वत्सलः क्व स तपस्विजनस्य हन्ता Māl.8.8;6.14; R.2. 69;8.41; so शरणागतवत्सल, दीनवत्सल &c. -लः 1 A fire fed with grass. -2 Name of Viṣṇu. -3 The sentiment of affection (वात्सल्यरस). -ला A cow fond of her calf. -लम् Affection, fondness; Pt.2.9. -Comp. -रसः the tender sentiment in a poem.

Dictionary: Apte
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