vasanam वसनम्

Definition: वसनम् [वस्-आधारे ल्युट्] 1 Dwelling, residing, staying. -2 A house, residence. -3 Dressing, clothing, covering. -4 A garment, cloth, dress, clothes; वसने परिधूसरे वसाना Ś.7.21; उत्सङ्गे वा मलिनवसने सौम्य निक्षिप्य वीणाम् Me.88,43. -5 An ornament worn (by women) round the loins, (probably for रसना). -6 Siege. -7 A leaf of the cinnamon tree. -ना (in comp.) 1 Clothed in. -2 Surrounded by; समुद्रवसने देवि पर्वतस्तनमण्डले. -3 Engrossed by. -Comp. -पर्यायः change of clothes. -सद्मन् a tent.

Dictionary: Apte
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