vas वस्

Definition: वस् I. 1 P. (वसति, sometimes वसते, उवास, अवात्सीत्, वत्स्यति, वस्तुम्, उषित) 1 To dwell, inhabit, live, stay, abide, reside (usually with loc.; but sometimes acc.); धीरसमीरे यमुनातीरे वसति वने वनमाली Gīt.5. -2 To be, exist, be found in; वसन्ति हि प्रेम्णि गुणा न वस्तुनि Ki.8.37; यत्राकृतिस्तत्र गुणा वसन्ति; भूतिः श्रीर्ह्रीर्धृतिः कीर्तिर्दक्षे वसति नालसे Subhāṣ. -3 To spend, pass (as time) (with acc.). -Caus. 1 To cause to dwell, to dwell, lodge, people. -2 To receive hospitably. -3 To dwell, inhabit. -Desid. (विवत्सति) To wish to dwell. -II. 2 Ā. (वस्ते) To wear, put on; वसने परिधूसरे वसाना Ś.7.21; Śi.9.75; R.12.8; Ku.3.54;7.9; Bk.4.1. -Caus. (वासयति-ते) To cause to put on. -III. 4 P. (वस्यति) 1 To be straight. -2 To be firm. -3 To fix. -IV. 1 P. (वसयति) To dwell; L. D. B. -V. 1 U. (वासयति-ते) 1 To cut, divide, cut off. -2 To love. -3 To take, accept. -4 To hurt, kill. -5 To offer. -VI. 1 U. (वसयति-ते) To scent, perfume.

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