vartana वर्तन

Definition: वर्तन a. [वृत्-ल्यु ल्युट् वा] 1 Abiding, living, staying, being &c. -2 Stationary. -नः A dwarf. -नी 1 A road, way. -2 Living, life. -3 Pounding, grinding. -4 Sending off, despatching. -5 A spindle. -नम् 1 Living, being. -2 Staying, abiding, residing. -3 Action, movement, mode or manner of living; स्मरसि च तदुपान्तेष्वावयो- र्वर्तनानि U.1.26; (the word may here mean 'abode or residence', also). -4 Living on, subsisting (at the end of comp.). -5 Livelihood, maintenance, subsistence; तैरेवास्य कलेः कलेवरपुषोव दैनंदिनं वर्तनम् Bv.1.13. -6 Turning round, revolving. -7 Rolling on, moving about. -8 Appointing. -9 A means of subsistence, profession, occupation. -1 Conduct, behaviour, proceeding. -11 Wages, salary, hire. -12 Commerce, traffic. -13 A spindle. -14 A globe, ball. -15 Application of; colouring; निहितमलक्तवर्तनाभिताम्रम् Ki.1.42. -16 An oftentold word. -17 Decoction. -Comp. -विनियोगः salary, wages.

Dictionary: Apte
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