varsvya वर्स्व्य

Definition: or वर्त्य gingival, produced at the gums; the word वर्स्व is probably the correct word meaning the root of the teeth or gums; the word वर्स was also used in the same sense as वर्स्व from which the word वर्स्य could be derived. बर्स्व्य and बर्स्य are only the variant pronnnciations of वर्स्व्य and वर्स्य.The word वर्त्स्य, with त् inserted between र् and स्, is given above as explained by Uvvata from वर्त्स. It is very likely that वर्त्स is wrongly written for वर्स्व or वर्स।

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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