adhyās अध्यास्

Definition: अध्यास् 2 A. 1 (a) To lie down, settle upon; occupy, dwell in (as a seat or habitation:; seat oneself in or upon, enter upon, get into (as a path &c.) (with acc. of place); त्वरिततरमध्यास्यतामियं वनस्थली K.28;36,4; पर्णशालामध्यास्य R.1.95; द्वितीयमाश्रममध्या- सितुं समयः V.5; द्वारदेशमध्यास्ते Dk.3 is waiting at the door; R.2.17;4.74;6.1;12.85;13.22,76;15. 93; Me.78; Bk.1.5; Ms.7.77; अये सिंहासनमध्यास्ते वृषलः Mu.3; भगवत्या प्राश्निकपदमध्यासितव्यम् M.1 occupy the seat of judge, accept the office of judge. (b) To take possession of, grasp, seize; धेन्वा तदध्यासितकातराक्ष्या R.2. 52 with eyes tremulous on account of her being seized by him (अध्यासितम् = आक्रमणम्). (c) To resort to,inhabit; यदध्यासितमर्हद्भिस्तद्धि प्रचक्षते Ku.6.56. -2 To live in conjugal relation; cohabit with. -3 To be directed or fixed upon. -4 To rule, govern, influence; affect, concern (mostly Ved.). -Caus. To cause one to sit down upon; भवन्तमध्यासयन्नासनम् Bk.2.46.

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