varadarāja वरदराज

Definition: a scholar of grammar and a pupil of Bhattoji Diksita who flourished in the end of the seventeenth century and wrote abridgments of the Siddhanta-kaumudi for beginners in grammar named लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी and मध्यसिद्धान्तकौमुदी as also धातुकारिकावली and गीर्वाणपदमञ्जरी. The work under the name सारसिद्धान्तकौमुदी, which is the shortest abridgment, is, in fact, the लघुसिद्धान्तकौमुदी itself. It is possible that the auother first prepared the सारसिद्धान्तकौमुदी and then, he himself or a pupil of his, put additional necessary matter and prepared the Laghusiddhanta-kaumudi.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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