varṇaukadeśa वर्णौकदेश

Definition: a part or a portion of a combined letter i.e.संयुक्तस्वर or संयुक्तव्यञ्जन. The diphthongs or संयुक्तस्वरs are divisible into two Svaras, for instance ऐ into अा and ए, औ into अा and ओ. Similarly double consonants like क्कू, च्च्, क्म्, क्त् etc. are also divisible. Regarding the point raised whether the individual parts can be looked upon as separate letters for undergoing or causing a grammatical operation,the decision of the grammarians is that they cannot be looked upon as separate, when they are completely mixed as the dipthongs; cf.नाक्यपवृक्तस्यावयवस्य तद्वधिर्यथा द्रव्येषु M. Bh. on Siva Sutra 3, 4 Vart. 6.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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