van वन्

Definition: वन् I. 1 P. (वनति) 1 To honour, worship. -2 To aid. -3 To sound. -4 To be occupied or engaged. -II. 8 U. (वनोति, वनुते, usually वनुते only) 1 To beg, ask, request (said to govern two acc.); तोयदादितरं नैव चातको वनुते जलम्. -2 To seek for, seek to obtain. -3 To conquer, possess. -4 Ved. To like, love. -5 To wish, desire. -6 To make ready, prepare for. -7 To hurt, injure.-III. 1 P., 1 U. (वनति, वानयति-ते) 1 To favour, aid. -2 To hurt, injure. -3 To sound. -4 To confide in.

Dictionary: Apte
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