vajra वज्र

Definition: mn. "the hard or mighty one", a thunderbolt (especially that of indra-, said to have been formed out of the bones of the ṛṣi- dadhīca- or dadhīci- [q.v.] , and shaped like a circular discus, or in later times regarded as having the form of two transverse bolts crossing each other thus x;sometimes also applied to similar weapons used by various gods or superhuman beings, or to any mythical weapon destructive of spells or charms, also to manyu-,"wrath" or [with apām-]to a jet of water etc.;also applied to a thunderbolt in general or to the lightning evolved from the centrifugal energy of the circular thunderbolt of indra- when launched at a foe;in Northern Buddhist countries it is shaped like a dumb-bell and called Dorje;See ) etc.