vajra वज्र

Definition: m. n. [mighty], thunderbolt, esp. Indra's (sts. also of other gods; also applied to mythical weapons, destructive spells etc.); adamant, diamond (gnly. n.); m. kind of military array; N.: -karshana,m. ep. of Indra; -kîta, m. kind of insect (supposed to perforate wood and stone); -kîla, m. thunderbolt: â-ya, den. P. resemble a thunderbolt; -kûta, n. Name of a mythical town; -ghosha, a. roaring like the thunderbolt;-gvalana, m. (flash of the thunderbolt), lightning; -tunda, a. having a beak as hard as adamant; -damsh- tra, a. having fangs as hard as adamant; m. Name of a prince of the fairies; Name of a lion; -datta, m. N.; -dhara, a.wielding the thunderbolt; m. ep. of Indra; Name of a king; -nâ bha, a. having a nave of adamant; m. Name of various kings; -pañgara, m. cage of adamant=secure refuge for, protector of (g., --°ree;); Name of a Dânava; -pâni, a.holding the thunderbolt in his hand; m. ep. of Indra; -pâta, m. fall of the thunderbolt, thunder clap, stroke of lightning; a. descending like a thunderbolt; -prabha, m. Name of a fairy; (vágra)-bâhu, a. holding the thunderbolt in his hand (RV.); -bhrít, a. bearing the thunderbolt; m. ep. of Indra; -mani, m. adamant gem, diamond; -maya, a. (î) adamantine, hard as diamond; -mukuta, m. N.; -mushti, a. holding the thunderbolt in his hand; m. ep. of Indra; Name of two warriors; -râtra, n. Name of a town; -lepa, m. diamond cement; -lepâya, den. Â. adhere like adamant cement; -vriksha, m. kind of tree (Cactus Opuntia); -vega, m. Name of a fairy; -vyûha, m. kind ofmilitary array; -sâra, a. hard as adamant; made of diamond; m. n. diamond; m. N.: -maya, a. hard as diamond, adamantine; -sârî-kri, make as hard as diamond; -sûk&ibrevcirc;, f. diamond needle; (vágra)-hasta, a.holding the thunderbolt in his hand (gnly. of Indra).

Dictionary: Macdonell
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