vaidehaḥ वैदेहः

Definition: वैदेहः [विदेह अण्] 1 A king of Videha; जनको ह वैदेहो बहुदक्षिणेन येज्ञेनेजे Bṛi. Up.3.1.1. -2 An inhabitant of Videha. -3 A trader by caste. -4 The son of a Vaiśya by a Brāhmaṇa woman; Ms.1 11. -5 An attendant on the women's apartments. -हाः (m. pl.) The people of Videha. -ही 1 Name of Sītā; वैदेहिबन्धोर्हृदयं विदद्रे R.14. 33 (the final vowel in वैदेही being shortened.) -2 The wife of a merchant. -3 A sort of pigment (रोचना) -4 Turmeric. -5 A cow. -6 Long pepper.

Dictionary: Apte
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