adhri अध्रि

Definition: अध्रि a. [न-धृ-कि] Not restrained, irresistible. _Comp. -गु-गू a. [अध्रि-गम्-कू -डित् ऊङादेशो वा] of irresistible motion or course (अधृतगमन), impetuous; यदभ्रिगावो अंध्रिगू इदा चिदह्नो अश्विना Rv.8.22.11 also तुभ्यं श्चोतन्ति अध्रिगो Ait. Br.2.12. (-गुः Name of a heavenly killer of sacrificial victims, or the name formula itself ending with an invocation of Agni. -ज a. [अध्रिं जनयति, जन्-ड] making irresistible. इति चिन्मन्युमध्रिजः Rv.5.7.1. -पुष्पलिका the betelnut plant. (Mar. पानवेल).

Dictionary: Apte
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