vārttika वार्त्तिक

Definition: वार्त्तिक a. (-की f.) [वृत्ति-ठक्] 1 Relating to news. -2 Bringing news. -3 Explanatory, glossarial. -कः 1 An emissary, a spy. -2 A husbandman (a man of the third tribe). -3 A mineralogist; L. D. B. -4 A trader, businessman. -5 A physician. -का 1 Business, trade. -2 News; कः पन्थाः का च वार्त्तिका Mb.3.313.114. -कम् [वृत्तिरूपेण कृतो ग्रन्थः] An explanatory or supplementary rule which explains the meaning of that which is said, of that which is left unsaid, of that which is imperfectly said; or a rule which explains what is said or but imperfectly said and supplies omissions; उक्तानुक्तदुरुक्तार्थव्यक्ति (or चिन्ता)कारि तु वार्त्तिकम् (the term is particularly applied to the explanatory rules of Kātyāyana on Pāṇini's Sūtras). -Comp. -कारः Name of Kātyāyana.

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