vārttā वार्त्ता

Definition: वार्त्ता [written also as वार्ता] 1 Staying, abiding. -2 Tidings, news, intelligence; सागरिकायाः का वार्ता Ratn.4; अस्मिन् महामोहमये कटाहे सूर्याग्निना रात्रिदिनेन्धनेन । मासर्तुदर्वीपरि- घट्टनेन भूतानि कालः पचतीति वार्ता ॥ Mb. -3 Livehood, profession. -4 Agriculture, the occupation of a Vaiśya; कृषिपाशुपाल्ये वाणिज्या च वार्ता ॥ Kau. A.1.4; यथा वार्तादयो ह्यर्था योगस्यार्थं न बिभ्रति Bhāg 7.15.29; R.16.2; Ms.1. 8; Y.1.311. -5 The egg-plant. -6 Name of Durgā. -7 (In Rhet.) The mere mention of facts without any rhetorical embellishment. -Comp. -अनुकर्षकः, -अयनः 1 a spy. -2 an emissary. -3 a news-bearer. -अवशेष a. dead, gone. -आरम्भः a commercial undertaking or business; Ms.7.43. -कर्मन् n. the practice of agriculture and keeping cattle; वार्ताकर्मैव वैश्यस्य Ms.1.8. -पतिः an employer. -मात्रम् 1 mere report. -2 superficial acquaintance with any subject, shallow knowledge. -वहः, हरः 1 a messenger. -2 a chandler. -वृत्तिः 1 one who lives on agriculture. -2 a house-holder. -3 a Vaiśya. -व्यतिकरः general or common report.

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