vākyam वाक्यम्

Definition: वाक्यम् [वच्-ण्यत् चस्य कः] 1 Speech, words, a sentence, saying, what is spoken; शृणु मे वाक्यम् 'hear my words', 'hear me'; वाक्ये न संतिष्ठते 'does not obey'; संक्षिप्तस्याप्यतो$स्यैव वाक्यस्यार्थगरीयसः Śi.1.2.24. -2 A sentence, period (complete utterance of a thought); वाक्यं स्याद्योग्यताकाङ्क्षासत्तियुक्तः पदोच्चयः S. D.6; पदसमूहो वाक्यम् Tarka K.; श्रौत्यार्थी च भवेद्वाक्ये समासे तद्धिते तथा K. P.1. -3 An argument or syllogism (in logic). -4 A precept, rule, an aphorism. -5 (In astr.) The solar process for all astronomical computations. -6 An assertion, statement. -7 Command. -8 (In law) Declaration, legal evidence. -9 Betrothment. -Comp. -आडम्बरः bombastic language. -अर्थः 1 the meaning of a sentence. -2 (in Mīmāṁsā) the sense of a sentence derived on the strength of वाक्यप्रमाण as distinguished from श्रुति, लिङ्ग and other प्रमाणs. This is weaker than and hence sublated by the श्रुत्यर्थ or श्रुति; यत्र श्रुत्यर्थो न संभवति तत्र वाक्यार्थो गृह्यते ŚB. on MS. 6.2.14. वाक्यार्थः श्रुत्या बाध्यते ŚB. on MS.6.2.14. According to Mīmāṁsā view the अर्थs of पदs are सामान्य and when these form a sentence to yield the वाक्यार्थ, they get restricted or modified. Hence वाक्यार्थ means the पदार्थs modified or restricted; सामान्येनाभिप्रवृत्तानां पदार्थानां यद्विशेषे$वस्थानं स वाक्यार्थः ŚB. on MS.3.1.12. ˚उपमा a variety of Upamā according to Daṇḍin; वाक्यार्थेनैव वाक्यार्थः को$पि यद्युपमीयते । एकानेकेवशब्दत्वात् सा वाक्यार्थोपमा द्विधा ॥ Kāv.2.43. -आलापः conversation, discourse. -उपचारः speaking; Rām. -खण्डनम् refutation of an assertion or argument. -ग्रहः paralysis of speech. -पदम् a word in a sentence. -पदीयम् Name of a work attributed to Bhartrihari. -पद्धतिः f. the manner of composing sentences, diction, style. -परिसमाप्तिः f. Completion of a sentence (i. e. the application of the sense expressed by a sentence). This occurs in two ways; (i) the sense of the sentence as a whole may be predicated of the things or persons mentioned in the उद्देशपद severally; or (ii) it may be predicated of them all combined together. The former is known as प्रत्येकं वाक्यपरिसमाप्तिः and is illustrated by देवदत्तयज्ञदत्तविष्णुमित्रा भोज्यन्ताम्; while the latter is known as समुदाये वाक्यपरिसमाप्तिः and illustrated by गर्गाः शतं दण्ड्यन्ताम्; see ŚB. on MS.3.1.12. -प्रबन्धः 1 a treatise, connected composition. -2 the flow of sentences. -प्रयोगः employed of speech, use of language. -भेदः a different assertion, a divergent statement; संदिग्धे तु व्यवायाद् वाक्यभेदः स्यात् MS.3.1.21; वाक्यभेदान् बहूनगमत् Mu.2. -रचना, -विन्यासः arrangement of words in a sentence, syntax. -विलेखः An officer in charge of writing of accounts, orders etc. ततोवाक्यविलेखाख्यैर्दत्तोपन्तैः स्वशक्तितः Parṇāl.4.55. -विशारद a. eloquent, skilled in speech. -शेषः 1 the remainder of a speech, an unfinished or incomplete sentence; सदोषावकाश इव ते वाक्यशेषः V.3. -2 an elliptical sentence. -सारथिः Spokesman. -स्थ a. Obsequious; attentive.

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