vī वी

Definition: वी I. 2 P. (वेति, rarely used in classical literature) 1 To go, move. -2 To approach. -3 To pervade. -4 To bring, convey. -5 To throw, cast. -6 To eat, consume. -7 To obtain. -8 To conceive, bring forth. -9 To be born or produced. -1 To shine, be beautiful. -11 To desire, wish. -12 To shine. -II. (वि + इ) 2 P. 1 To go away, depart; तस्यामहं त्वयि च संप्रति वीतचिन्तः Ś.4.13; so वीतभय, वीतक्रोध, etc. -2 To undergo a change; सदृशंत्रिषु लिङ्गेषु यन्न व्योति तदव्ययम् Sk. -3 To spend. -4 To be diffused, to spread. -5 To vanish, disappear. -6 To cross over, traverse.

Dictionary: Apte
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