vā वा

Definition: cl.2 P. () v/āti- (perfect tense vavau- etc.; Aorist avāsīt- ; future vāsyati- ; infinitive mood vātum- ), to blow (as the wind) etc. ; to procure or bestow anything (accusative) by blowing ; to blow towards or upon (accusative) ; to emit an odour, be diffused (as perfume) ; to smell (trans.) (varia lectio) ; to hurt, injure : Causal vāpayati- See nir-- and confer, compare vājaya-: Desiderative vivāsati- See 1. van-. ([ confer, compare Greek for ; Latin ventus; Slavonic or Slavonian vejati; Gothic waian,winds; German wa7jan,woejen,wehen,Wind; Anglo-Saxon wa7wan; English wind.])

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Dha1tup. xxiv , 42, Br., MBh., Br., Megh., Hariv., RV., RV. i , 89 , 4, MBh. xii , 2798, S3Br., Vikr. iv , 41, Vop.
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