uttṝ उत्तॄ

Definition: ( ud-tṝ-) P. -tarati- and -tirati- (Ved.) to pass out of (especially jalāt-,water, with ablative) to disembark ; to come out of etc. ; to escape from (a misfortune, affliction, etc.) ; to come down, descend, alight, put up at ; to pass over ; to cross (a river, with accusative) ; to vanquish etc. ; to give up, leave ; to elevate, strengthen, increase : Causal -tārayati-, to cause to come out ; to deliver, assist, rescue etc. ; to make any one alight, take down, take off ; to cause to pass over ; to convey or transport across, land, disembark ; to vomit up: Desiderative -titīrṣati-, to wish to cross

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: A1s3vGr2., MBh., Hariv., S3ak., Mr2icch., BhP., Katha1s., Vet., MBh., R., Ragh., Hariv., Katha1s., MBh., RV., VS., SV., S3a1n3khS3r., MBh., R., Hariv., Pan5cat., Pan5cat., Vet., Pan5cat., MBh.
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