upasthita उपस्थित

Definition: उपस्थित p. p. 1 Approached, arrived, come (person or thing); तस्मिन्नन्तरे भर्तोपस्थितः M.1; ˚श्रेयो$वमानिनम् Ś.6; K.157; Ms.3.243; Y.2.62; उपस्थिता शोणितपारणा मे R. चिन्तित˚ Ku.6.24 come as soon as thought of. -2 Close or near, at hand, impending, drawing near; उपस्थिता रजनी Ś.3 the night is at hand (arrived);˚संप्रहारः V.1; ˚उदयम् R.3.1 approaching its fulfilment; Māl.1; Ratn.1; R.14.39; ready for; उपस्थितमसंहार्यै- र्हयैः स्यन्दनमायिभिः Rām.5.6.5. -3 Worshipped or waited upon, served. -4 Got, obtained, received; अयाचित˚ Ku.5.22 got without solicitation; अचिन्तित˚ Pt.2. -5 Taken place, happened, occurred, fallen to the lot; वृक्षस्य वैद्युत इवाग्निरुपस्थितो$यम् V.5.16. -6 Caused, occasioned, produced, felt. -7 Known. -8 Cleansed, clean. -9 Followed by the particle इति in the Pada text. -तः A door-keeper. -तम् 1 The particle used in this manner. -2 The position of words before and after इति so used -3 Service, worship. -4 A particular pose (आसन); उपस्थितकृतौ तौ च नासिकाग्रमधो भ्रुवोः Mb.12. 2.18. -Comp. -वक्तृ m. A ready speaker, an eloquent man.

Dictionary: Apte
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