upasaṃhāraḥ उपसंहारः

Definition: उपसंहारः 1 Drawing in or together, contracting; क्रियतामुपसंहारो गुर्वर्थं द्विजसत्तम Mb.5.116.13. -2 Drawing away, withdrawing, excluding, withholding. अजान- न्नुपसंहारं प्राणकृच्छ्रमुपस्थिते Bhāg.1.7.2. -3 A collection, assemblage; न तु धर्मोपसंहारमधर्मफलसंहितम् Rām.5.51 28. -4 Summing up, winding up, conclusion (opp. उपक्रम). -5 A preparation (of a speech &c.). -6 A compendium, resume. -7 Brevity, conciseness. -8 Perfection. -9 Destruction, death, end. -1 Attacking, invading. -11 (In logic) Refutation. -12 Name of the concluding chapters in several books.

Dictionary: Apte
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