upanam उपनम्

Definition: P. -namati-, to bend towards or inwards ; to tend towards, approach, come to, arrive at ; to fall to one's share or lot, become one's property, share in (with accusative dative case,or genitive case) etc. ; to come to one's mind, occur ; to attend upon any one (accusative) with (instrumental case) ; to gain the favour of any one (accusative) : Causal -nāmayati-, to put or place before (genitive case) ; to lead towards or into the presence of, present any one (genitive case) ; to reach, hand to ; to offer, present

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: VS., S3Br., TBr., ChUp., Ra1jat., TS., TBr. i , 1 , 2 , 8, BhP. vi , 19 , 16, Gobh. ii , 1 , 7, Lalit., ib., ib., Ka1ran2d2.
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