upajana उपजन

Definition: lit.origin; one that originates, augment, उपजायते असौ उपजन: । The word is used in the sense of 'additional phonetic element'; cf. उपजन आगमः M. Bh. on Śivasūtra 5; cf. also वर्णव्यत्ययापायोपजनविकारेष्वर्थदर्शनात् । Śiva Sūtra 5 Vārt. 15. The Ṛk Prātiśākhya gives स् in पुरुश्चन्द्र as an instance of. उपजन cf. R. Pr. IV. 37. In the Nirukta उपजन is given as the sense of the prefix 'उप'; cf. उपेत्युपजनम्: The com. on the Nirukta explains the word उपजन as अाधिक्य.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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