upākṛta उपाकृत

Definition: उपाकृत p. p. 1 Brought near; उपाकृतं शशमानं यदस्था- त्प्रियं देवानामप्येतु पाथः Av.2.34.2. -2 Invited, called with प्रैष sentences. -3 Killed at a sacrifice (an animal). -4 Begun, commenced. -5 Ominous, disastrous, calamitous. -6 Consecrated with mantras; इति बालकमादाय सामर्ग्यजुरुपाकृतैः Bhāg.1.7.14. -7 Prepared, used for; यज्ञेषूपाकृतं विश्वं प्राहुरुत्तमसंज्ञितम् Mb.12.268.22. -तः 1 A sacrificial animal killed during the recitation of prescribed prayers. -2 A misfortune, portent. -तम् 1 Beginning, commencement. -2 the performance of the usual rites (संस्कार) over the sacrificial animal. -3 Invitation.

Dictionary: Apte
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