unnī उन्नी

Definition: (ud--) P. A1. -nayati-, -te-, to lead up or out, lead upwards or up to ; to bring or fetch out of, free from, help, rescue, redeem ; to raise, set up, erect, promote etc. ; to draw up, fill up a vessel by drawing (a fluid out of another vessel) etc. ; to raise up, lift up (only A1. ) ; to put up, lay up ; to press or squeeze out (exempli gratia, 'for example' pus) ; to lead away (exempli gratia, 'for example' a calf from its mother) ; to lead aside, separate ; to stroke, smooth ; to raise, cause ; to intone ; to find out, discover by inference, infer etc.: Desiderative A1. -ninīṣate-, to intend or wish to lead out