udyam उद्यम्

Definition: उद्यम् 1 Ā. (P. in some cases) 1 To raise, elevate, lift up; बाहू उद्यम्य Ś1; परस्य दण्डं नोद्यच्छेत् Ms.4.164, 8.28; धनुरुद्यम्य पाण्डवः Bg.1.2; R.15.23,11.17; भारमुद्यच्छते Sk.; Bk.4.31,17.92. -2 To offer, give. -3 To prepare, become ready for, begin, set about (with dat., loc. or inf.); उद्यच्छमाना गमनाय पश्चात् R.16.29; Bk.8.47; see उद्यत. -4 To strive, be diligent, strive hard for; उद्यच्छति वेदम् Sk. -5 To reign, manage, govern. -6 To keep back, stop, hinder. -7 To rise. -Caus. To prompt, stimulate; मधुमदोद्यमिता वनिता Ki.9.66.

Dictionary: Apte
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