udi उदि

Definition: P. -/eti-, -etum- (and /ud-etos-, ) to go up to, proceed or move up, proceed ; to rise (as the sun or a star etc.) etc. ; to come up (as a cloud) ; to start up, rise up against, march off ; to rise, raise one's self ; to increase, be enhanced ; to be conceited or proud etc. ; to go out of ; to come out or arise from etc. ; to escape etc.: Passive voice (impersonal or used impersonally -īyate-) to be risen

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Maitr. i , 6 , 10, RV., AV., VS., RV., VS., S3Br., ChUp., VarBr2S., Mr2icch., R., AV. iii , 4 , 1, MBh., Kum., R., Ragh., S3is3. ii , 33, RPra1t., RV., AV., S3Br., Ragh., ChUp., S3ak., Subh.
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