udaram उदरम्

Definition: उदरम् [उद्-ऋ-अप्] 1 The belly; दुष्पूरोदरपूरणाय Bh. 2.119; cf. कृशोदरी, उदरभरणम्, उदरंभरि &c. -2 The interior or inside of anything, cavity; तडाग˚ Pt.2.15; R.5.7; U.2.16,4.29; त्वां कारयामि कमलोदरबन्धनस्थम् Ś.6.2; Śānti.1.5; Ś.1.19; Amaru.88; जलदोदरेभ्यः Mk.5; Rs.3.12; घनानां वारिगर्भोदराणाम् Ś.7.7. -3 Enlargement of the abdomen from dropsy or flatulence; तस्य होदरं जज्ञे Ait. Br. -4 Any morbid abdominal affection, such as liver, spleen &c. (said to be of 8 kinds वात˚, पित्त˚, कफ˚, त्रिलिङ्ग˚ or दूषी˚, प्लीहा˚, बद्धगुद˚, आगन्तुक˚ and जल˚). -5 Slaughter [cf. L. uterus; Zend. udara]. -6 Battle. -Comp. -अग्निः The digestive faculty. -आध्मानः flatulence of the belly. -आमयः disease of the belly, dysentery, diarrhœa. -आमयिन् a. suffering from dysentery. -आवर्तः the navel. -आवेष्टः the tape-worm. -ग्रन्थिः, -गुल्मः disease of the spleen. -त्राणम् 1 a cuirass, armour covering the front of the body. -2 a bellyband. -पिशाच a. [उदरे तत्पूर्तौ पिशाच इव] gluttonous, voracious (having a devilish appetite). (-चः) a glutton. -पूरम् ind. till the belly is full; P.III.4.31. उदरपूरं भुङ्क्ते Sk. eats his fill. -पोषणम्, -भरणम् feeding the belly, support of life (cf. उदरंभरि). -शय a. अधिकरणे शेतेः P.III.2.15; sleeping on the face or the belly. (-यः) fœtus. -सर्वस्वः a glutton, an epicure (one to whom the belly is all-in-all

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