ucita उचित

Definition: उचित p. p. 1 Fit, proper, right, suitable; उचित- स्तदुपालम्भः U.3; usually with inf.; उचितं न ते मङ्गलकाले रोदितुम् Ś.4. -2 Usual, customary; उचितेषु करणीयेषु Ś.4.7.12; K.64; M.3.3. -3 Accustomed or used to, in comp.; नीवारभागधेयोचितैः R.1.5,2.25;3.54,6; 11.9; चन्दनोचितः Ki.1.34. -4 Praiseworthy. -5 Delightful, agreeable, pleasurable. -6 Known, understood. -7 Entrusted, deposited. -8 Measured, accurate, adjusted (मित). -9 Acceptable (ग्राह्य). -1 Natural (स्वभावसिद्ध); उचितं च महाबाहुर्न जहौ हर्षमात्मवान् Rām.2.19.37 -ज्ञ n. Knowing what is becoming, proper or convenient.

Dictionary: Apte
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