tvaṣṭṛ त्वष्टृ

Definition: m. "creator of living beings", the heavenly builder, Name of a god (called su-k/ṛt-, -pāṇ/i-, -g/abhasti-, -j/animan-, sv-/apas-, ap/asām ap/astama-, viśv/a-rūpa-etc. ;maker of divine implements, especially of indra-'s thunderbolt and teacher of the ṛbhu-s ;former of the bodies of men and animals, hence called"firstborn"and invoked for the sake of offspring, especially in the āprī- hymns etc. ;associated with the similar deities dhātṛ-, savitṛ-, prajā-pati-, pūṣan-, and surrounded by divine females[ gn/ās-, jan/ayas-, dev/ānām p/atnīs-; see tv/aṣṭā-v/arūtrī-]recipients of his generative energy ;supposed author of with the epithet garbha-pati- ;father of saraṇyū- [ su-reṇu- ; sva-reṇu- ]whose double twin-children by vivasvat- [or vāyu- ? ] are yamayamī- and the aśvin-s ;also father of tri-śiras- or viśvarūpa- ;overpowered by indra- who recovers the soma-[ ] concealed by him because indra- had killed his son viśva-rūpa- ;regent of the nakṣatra- citrā- ;of the 5th cycle of Jupiter ;of an eclipse ; tvaṣṭur ātithya-Name of a sāman- )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV., i , iv-vi , x, Hariv. 12146 f., R. ii , 91 , 12, RV., AV., MBh. iv , 1178, Hariv. 587 ff., Ragh. vi , 32, RV., S3Br. i, Ka1tyS3r. iii, RV. x , 184, RAnukr., Hariv., L., RV. viii , 26 , 21 f., x , 17 , 1 f., Nir. xii , 10, Br2ih., Hariv. 545 ff., VP., ib., RV. iii f., TS. ii, S3Br. i , v , xii, TBr., S3a1n3khGr2., S3a1ntik., VarBr2S. iic , 4, viii , 23, iii , 6, A1rshBr.
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