tum तुम्

Definition: krt affix तुम् of the infinitive (1) added to a root optionally with ण्वुल् when the root refers to an action for the purpose of which another action is mentioned by the principal verb; e.g. भोक्तुं व्रजति or भोजको व्रजति्; cf. Kas. on P.III.3.11; (2) added to a root connected with ' another root in the sense of desire provided both have the same subject; e.g. इच्छति भोक्तुम्; cf. P. III. 3.158; (3) added to a root connected with the words काल, समय or वेला; e.g. कालो भोक्तुम् etc. cf. P.III.3.167; (4) added to any root which is connected with the roots शक्, धृष्, ज्ञा, ग्लै, घट्, रभ्, लभ्, क्रम्, सह्, अर्ह् and अस् or its synonym, as also with अलम्, or its synonym; e.g. शक्नोति भोक्तुम्, भवति भोक्तुम्, वेला भोक्तुम्, अलं भोक्तुम्, पर्याप्तः कर्तुम् : cf. Kas. on P.III.4. 65, 66.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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