tuccha तुच्छ

Definition: तुच्छ a. 1 Empty, void, vain, light. -2 Small, little, trifling. -3 Abandoned, deserted. -4 Low, mean, insignificant, contemptible, worthless. -5 Poor, miserable, wretched. -च्छा The 14th lunar day. -च्छम् Chaff. -Comp. -दय a. unmerciful; पादौ कियद्दूरमिमौ प्रयासे निधित्सते तुच्छदयं मनस्ते N.8.24. -द्रुः the castor-oil tree. -धान्यः, -धान्यकः straw, chaff. -प्राय a. unimportant.

Dictionary: Apte
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