tu तु

Definition: short term (प्रत्याहार) for the dental consonants त्, थ्, द्, ध् and न् cf. P. I. 1.69; (2) personal-ending substituted for ति in the 2nd pers. imper. sing. Parasmaipada cf. P. III, 4.86; (3) tad. affix तु in the sense of possession added in Vedic Literature to कम् and शम् e. g. क्रन्तुः, शन्तु: cf. P. V. 2.138; (4) unadi affix तु (तुन्) prescribed by the rule सितनिगमिमसिसच्यविधाञ्कुशिभ्यस्तुन् (Unadi Sitra I.69) before which the augment इ is not added e.g. सेतुः सक्तुः etc. cf. P. VII. 2.9

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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