trita त्रित

Definition: m. "third"(), Name of a Vedic deity (associated with the marut-s, vāyu-, and indra-;fighting like the latter with tvāṣṭra-, vṛtra-, and other demons;called āptya- [ q.v ],"water-deity", and supposed to reside in the remotest regions of the world, whence[ ]the idea of wishing to remove calamity to tvāṣṭra-, and the view of the trita-s being the keepers of nectar[ ] , similarly [ ]the notion of trita-'s bestowing long life;also conceived as an inferior deity conquering the demons by order and with the help of indra-[ ];fallen into a well he begged aid from the gods [ ];as to this last myth on relates that 3 ṛṣi-s, ekata-, dvita-, and trita-, parched with thirst, looked about and found a well, and when tvāṣṭra- began to draw water, the other two, desirous of his property, pushed him down and closed up the well with a wheel;shut up there, tvāṣṭra- composed a hymn to the gods, and managed miraculously to prepare the sacrificial soma-, that he might drink it himself, or offer it to the deities and so be extricated: this is alluded to in [ confer, compare ] and described in ;also makes him a ṛṣi-, and he is the supposed author of ;in epic legends[ ] ekata-, dvita-, and tvāṣṭra- are described as 3 brothers, sons of gautama- or of prajā-pati- or brahmā-;elsewhere tvāṣṭra- is one of the 12 sons of manu- cākṣuṣa- by naḍvalā- ; confer, compare traitan/a-; Zend Thrita;, , etc.)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: RV. viii , 47 , 13-15, AV., RV. vi , 44 , 23, L., RV. ii , 34 , 10, TS. i, TBr. i, RV. ii ; viii , 52 , 1;x, i , 105 , 17 ; x , 8 , 7, Sa1y., i , 105, RV. ix , 34 , 4, 32 , 2 ; 38 , 2 ; 102 , 2, MBh. ix , 2095, Nir. iv , 6, RV. i , 105 ; viii , 36 ; ix , 33 f. and 102 ; x , 1-7, MBh. ix , xii f., BhP. iv , 13 , 16
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