triśaṅku त्रिशङ्कु

Definition: m. of a king of ayodhyā- (aspiring to ascend to heaven in his mortal body, he first requested vasiṣṭha- to perform a great sacrifice for him;on vasiṣṭha-'s refusing he applied to vasiṣṭha-'s hundred sons, who cursed and degraded him to the rank of a caṇḍāla- [hence called a caṇḍāla- king ]; viśvā-mitra- then undertook the sacrifice for him and invited all the gods, who declined to come and thereby so enraged the sage that, by his own power, he transported triśaṅku- to heaven;on his being hurled down again head foremost by the gods, he was arrested in his course by viśvā-mitra- and remained suspended in the sky, forming the southern cross constellation [son of pṛthu-]; and [son of trayyāruṇa-];[son of tri-bandhana-] )