tiras तिरस्

Definition: तिरस् ind. [तॄ-असुन् स्वरादि] 1 Crookedly, obliquely, awry; स तिर्यङ् यस्तिरो$ञ्चति Ak. -2 Without apart from. -3 Secretly, covertly, invisibly; Bṛi. Up.1.4. 4. -4 Across, beyond, over; यदि वासि तिरोजनम् Av.7. 38.5. -5 Indirectly, badly. [In classical literature तिरस् is rarely used by itself, but chiefly occurs in composition with (a) कृ, (b) धा, and (c) भू; see below.] -Comp. -कुड्य, -प्राकार a. looking through a wall. -गत a. vanished, disappeared. -वर्ष a. protected from rain.

Dictionary: Apte
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