tilakaḥ तिलकः

Definition: तिलकः [तिल्-क्वुन्, तिल इवार्थे स्वल्पे वा कन् वा] 1 A species of tree with beautiful flowers; Rām.2.94.9; आक्रान्ता तिलकक्रियापि तिलकैर्लीनद्विरेफाञ्जनैः M.3,5; न खलु शोभयति स्म वनस्थलीं न तिलकस्तिलकः प्रमदामिव R.9.41. Kālidāsa describes the beauty of this tree as being akin to that of the saffron-mark on the forehead of a woman. The name suggests a relation to tila. the sesame plant, Sesamum indicum Linn. Now this plant has got flowers that have got a very pretty appearance. It is a shrub and not a tree. It grows four to five feet in height. Its flower has five petals. The lower petal is the longest. In wild variety there is a promiment spot on the longest petal which is highly suggestive of the saffron-mark on the forehead of a woman. -2 A freckle or natural mark under the skin. -3 The sesamum tree. -कः, -कम् 1 A mark made with sandalwood or unguents &c.; मुखे मधुश्री- स्तिलकं प्रकाश्य Ku.3.3; कस्तूरिकातिलकमालि विधाय सायम् Bv.2.4;1.121. -2 The ornament of anything (used at the end of comp. in the sense of 'best', 'chief' or 'distinguished'); कुल˚; जीवलोक˚ Māl.9.21; यस्य न विपदि विषादः संपदि हर्षो रणे न भीरुत्वम् । तं भुवनत्रयतिलकं जनयति जननी सुतं विरलम् ॥ Pt.1.15. -3 The burden of a song (ध्रुवक). -का A kind of necklace. -कम् 1 The bladder. -2 The right lung. -3 A kind of salt. -4 A kind of disease, the appearance of dark spots on the skin without any inflammation. -5 Alliteration. -Comp. -आश्रयः the forehead.

Dictionary: Apte
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