th थ्

Definition: personal-ending of the 2nd pers. pl. Parasmaipada,substituted for the ल् of the ten lakara affixes; (2) substitute (थल्) for the 2nd pers sing. personal ending सिप् in. the perfect tense: (3) unadi affix (थक्) added to the roots पा, तॄ, तुद् etc. e. g. पीथः, तीर्थः, etc.; cf unadi sutra II. 7; (4) unadi affix (क्थन्) | added to the roots हन्, कुष् ,नी etc.; e. g, हथः, कुष्टं, नीथः etc. cf unadi sutra II. 2: (5) unadi affix (थन्) added to the roots उष्, कुष्, गा and ऋ, e. g. ओष्ठः, कोष्ठम् etc. cf unadi sutra_II. 4; (6) a technical term for the term अभ्यस्त or the reduplicated wording of Panini (cf. उभे अभ्यस्तम्) P. VI. 1. 5, used in the Jainendra Vyakarana.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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