thā था

Definition: tad. affix था in the sense of question or reason (हेतु) added to the pronoun किम् in Vedic Literature; e.g. कथा देवा आसन्; cf. Kas. on P.V.3.26; (2) tad. affix था (थाल् according to Panini) which gets caesura or avagraha after प्रत्न, पूर्व, विश्व, इम and ऋतु; e.g. प्रत्नथेतिं प्रत्नSथा, पूर्वथेति पूर्वऽथा etc.: cf. Vij. Pr.V.12: (3) tad. affix थाल् in the sense of इव added to the words प्रत्न, पूर्व, विश्व and इम in Vedic Literature, e.g. तं प्रत्नथा पूर्वथा विश्वथेमथा; cf Kas, on P. V.3.111: (4) tad. affix थाल् in the sense of mannar (प्रक्रार) added to किन्, pronouns excepting those headed by द्वि, and the word बहु; e.g. सर्वथा, cf. P V.3.23.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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