tatra तत्र

Definition: तत्र ind. 1 In that place, there, yonder, thither. -2 On that occasion, under those circumstances, then, in that case; दातुं दुहितरं तस्मै रोचयामास तत्र वै Rām. 7.12.17. -3 For that, in that; निरीतयः । यन्मदीयाः प्रजास्तत्र हेतुस्त्वद्ब्रह्मवर्चसम् R.1.63. -4 Often used for the loc. case of तद्; Ms.2.112;3.6;4.186; Y.1.263. तत्रापि 'even then', 'nevertheless' (corr. of यद्यपि). तत्र तत्र 'in various places or cases, 'here and there,' 'to every place'; अध्यक्षान्विविधान्कुर्यात् तत्र तत्र विपश्चितः Ms. 7.81. -Comp. -चक्षुर्मनस् a. directing one's eyes and mind on him. -भवत् a. (-ती f.) his honour, his reverence, revered, respectable, worthy, a respectful title given in dramas to persons not near the speaker; (पूज्ये तत्रभवानत्रभवांश्च भगवानपि); आदिष्टो$स्मि तत्रभवता काश्यपेन Ś.4; तत्रभवान् काश्यपः Ś.1. &c. -स्थ a. standing or being there, belonging to that place.

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