tapasvin तपस्विन्

Definition: तपस्विन् a. 1 Practising penance, devout. -2 Poor, miserable, helpless, pitiable; सा तपस्विनी निर्वृता भवतु Ś.4; Māl 3; N.1.l35. -m. 1 An ascetic; तपस्विसामान्यमवेक्ष- णीया R.14.67. -2 A mendicant, pauper. -3 An epithet of Nārada. -4 A sparrow. -5 A mango-fish; (see तपस्कर). -नी 1 female ascetic. -2 A poor or wretched woman. -Comp. -पत्रः the sun-flower.

Dictionary: Apte
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