tamas तमस्

Definition: n. mental darkness, ignorance, illusion, error (in sāṃkhya- philosophy one of the 5 forms of a-vidyā- etc.;one of the 3 qualities or constituents of everything in creation [the cause of heaviness, ignorance, illusion, lust, anger, pride, sorrow, dulness, and stolidity;sin ;sorrow ;See guṇa-and see ] etc.)

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: MBh. xiv , 1019, Sa1m2khyak., L., Kir. iii, RTL. p. 45, Mn. xii , 24 f. and 38, Sa1m2khyak., RV. v.31 , 9, R. ii, S3ak., Ra1jat. v , 144
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