tadanukṛti तदनुकृति

Definition: ad. accordingly; -anusarana-krama, m. continual following of him; -anta, a. ending with that; -apatya tâ, f. condition of having offspring through him (the son) or by her (the Sûdrâ woman); apatya-maya, a. devoted to his (her) children; -apeksha, a. having regard to that; -artha, m. the meaning of that or those; a. having that for its object, meant for that; having the same meaning: -m, ad. for that purpose, on that account, therefore; -arthin, a. desiring that; -arthîya, a. undertaken for that end, having that as its object; -ardhika, a. half as much; -arha, a. commensurate with that; -avastha, a. being in that condition or plight; being in the same condition=safe.

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