tāvat तावत्

Definition: mf(atī-)n. at once, now, just, first (followed by anantaram-[ ], aparam-[ ], api-[ib.], idānīm-[ ], uta-[ ], ca-[ ], tatas-[ ], tad-anu-[ ], tu-[ ], paścāt-[ ], punar-[ ], -;very often connected with an imperative,rarely[ ] with a Potential,often with the 1st person of proper or future etc.;the imperative is sometimes to be supplied[ itas tāvat-,"just come hither"; mā tāvat-,"by no means, God forbid!"] ;sometimes arhasi-with the infinitive mood is used instead )

Dictionary: Monier-Williams
Literary Sources: Hit., Pan5cat., Hit., S3ak., Das3., Prab., Mn., iv , 174, Ragh. vii , 4f., Megh., Das3. vii, Veda7ntas., R. ii, Pan5cat., MBh. iv , 888, R. ii , 56 , 13, MBh., S3ak., Ma1lav., Vikr., Prab., R. i f.
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