tātparyam तात्पर्यम्

Definition: तात्पर्यम् [तत्परस्य भावः ष्यञ्] 1 Purport, meaning, scope, अत्रेदं तात्पर्यम् &c. -2 Purport of propositions; K. P.2. -3 Aim, object, intended reference to any object, purpose, intention (with loc.); इह यथार्थकथने तात्पर्यम् P. II.3.43 com. -4 The object or intention of the speaker (in using particular words in a sentence); वक्तुरिच्छा तु तात्पर्यं परिकीर्तितम् Bhāṣā P.84; तात्पर्यानुपपत्तितः 82. -5 Explanation. -6 Entire devotion to, absorption in any object. -Comp. -अर्थः the meaning of a sentence. -निर्णयः ascertainment of meaning or purport.

Dictionary: Apte
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