tāthābhāvya ताथाभाव्य

Definition: name given to the grave (अनुदात्त) vowel which is अवग्रह i.e. which occurs at the end of the first member of a compound and which is placed between two acute vowels i.e. is preceded by and followed by an acute vowel; e.g. तनूSनप्त्रे, तनूSनपत्: cf. उदाद्यन्तो न्यवग्रहस्ताथाभाव्यः । V.Pr.I.120. The tathabhavya vowel is recited as a kampa (कम्प); cf. तथा चोक्तमौज्जिहायनकैर्माध्यन्दिनमतानुसारिभिः'अवग्रहो यदा नीच उच्चयॊर्मध्यतः क्वचित् । ताथाभाव्यो भवेत्कम्पस्तनूनप्त्रे निदर्शनम्'. Some Vedic scholars hold the view that the ताथाभाव्य vowel is not a grave (अनुदात्त) vowel, but it is a kind of स्वरित or circumflex vowel. Strictly according to Panini"an anudatta following upon an udatta becomes Svarita": cf. P.VIII.4.66, V.Pr. IV. 1.138: cf also R.Pr.III. 16.

Dictionary: Abhyankar
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