tārā तारा

Definition: तारा 1 A star or planet in general; हंसश्रेणीषु तारासु R.4.19; Bh.1 15. -2 A fixed star; Y.3.172; R. 6.22. -3 The pupil of the eye, the eye-ball; कान्तामन्तः- प्रमोदादभिसरति मदभ्रान्ततारश्चकोरः Māl.9.3; विस्मयस्मेरतारैः 1.28; Ku.3.47. -4 A pearl. -5 (in Sāṅkhya Phil.) One of the 8 Siddhis. -6 (in music) Name of aRāga of six notes. -7 A kind of perfume. -8 (a) Name of the wife of Vāli, king of the monkeys, and mother of Aṅgada. She in vain tried to dissuade her husband Vāli from fighting with Rāma and Sugrīva, and married Sugrīva after Vāli had been killed by Rāma. (b) Name of the wife of Bṛihaspati, the preceptor of the gods. She was on one occasion carried off by Soma (the moon) who refused to deliver her up to her husband when demanded. A fierce contest then ensued, and Brahmā had at last to compel Soma to restore her to her husband. Tārā gave birth to a son named Budha who became the ancestor of the Lunar race of kings (see Bhāg.9.14). (c) Name of the wife of Hariśchandra and mother of Rohidāsa (also called Tārāmatī). (d) Name of a Buddha goddess. (e) Name of a Śakti; Jaina. -Comp. -अधिपः 1 the moon; Ku.7.48; Bh.1.71. -2 Śiva. -3 Bṛihaspati. -4 Vāli. -5 Sugrīva. -आपीडः the moon. -आभः quicksilver. -ग्रहः one of the 5 lesser planets exclusive of the sun and moon; Bṛi.S.69.1. -पतिः 1 the moon R.13.76. -2 Vāli. -3 Bṛihaspati. -4 Śiva. -पथः the atmosphere, firmament, sky. -प्रमाणम् sidereal measure, sidereal time. -भूषा the night. -मण्डलम् 1 the starry region, the zodiac. -2 the pupil of the eye. -3 (लः) A kind of Śiva temple. -मृगः the constellation मृगशिरस् -मैत्रकम् 'the friendship of the stars', spontaneous or unaccountable love; Māl.7.4; U.5. -वर्षम् falling stars.

Dictionary: Apte
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