syandana स्यन्दन

Definition: स्यन्दन a. (-ना or -नी f.) [स्यन्द्-ल्यु ल्युट् वा] 1 Going quickly, fleet; flowing. -2 Quick, swift of foot, fleet; स्यन्दना नो चतुरगाः Ki.15.16. -नः 1 A war-chariot, a car or chariot in general; धर्मारण्यं प्रविशति गजः स्यन्दनालोक भीतः Ś.1.33; N.15.92; R.1.36. -2 Air, wind. -3 A kind of tree (तिनिश). -नम् 1 Flowing, trickling, oozing. -2 Rushing, going or flowing quickly. -3Water. -नी 1 Saliva. -2 The urinary passage. -Comp. -आरोहः a warrior who fights while seated in a chariot.

Dictionary: Apte
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